FLIR E95 Thermal Imaging Camera 464 x 348

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No Longer Available – See E96

For the highest thermal imaging resolution in it’s class, the FLIR E95 Thermal Imaging Camera builds further on the specification of the FLIR E75 and E85 cameras & still combines all of the latest technology available from FLIR Systems and puts it into a completely redesigned thermal imager.

With the E95, FLIR has completely re-engineered the popular Exx Series infrared cameras and puts all their know how into a brilliant new series of thermal imaging cameras, which have been designed to offer the best performance, sensitivity and resolution of any pistol grip thermal imaging camera on the market.

FLIR E95 Features:

  • Enhanced 464 x 348 infrared resolution (161,472 temperature pixels)
  • Thermal sensitivity of 0.03°C (30mK)
  • View and measure highest temperatures from -20 to +1500°C (-4 to +2732°F)
  • UltraMax (4 times more pixels for a 928 x 696 thermal image – 645,888 pixels)
  • Laser assisted auto focus and continuous focus with distance measurement
  • FLIR’s patented MSX technology for high level image details
  • Screening Alarm Function suitable for fever detection.
  • WiFi for live streaming and capture to tablets and smartphones

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