FLIR Si124-PD Acoustic Imaging Camera for Partial Discharge Detection

$24,495.00 • ( $26,944.50 inc. GST )


    • For detecting partial discharge problems in high voltage electrical systems
    • Detect partial discharge and corona up to 10 times faster with ultrasonic imaging vs. traditional methods
    • Locate problems precisely thanks to high-resolution acoustic images and 124 built-in microphones
    •  Optimize staff time, as minimal training is required to use the Si124-PD
    • View visual and sound images simultaneously
    • Operate the lightweight camera with one hand and easily review images on-screen, even in bright, outdoor conditions
    • Through a regular maintenance routine, the FLIR Si124-PD can help facilities save money on utility repairs
    • Note:  compressed air leaks, please see Si124 or Si124-LD


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