FLIR Si124-LD Acoustic Imaging Camera for Compressed Air Leak Detection

$20,495.00 • ( $22,544.50 inc. GST )


The FLIR Si124-LD is an Industrial Acoustic Imaging camera for Compressed Air Leak Detection.

  • Locates pressurized leaks in compressed air systems
  • Can help companies save money on power bills and delay the expense of installing new or additional compressors
  • Identify issues up to 10 times faster than with traditional methods
  • Lightweight, one-handed solution
  • Uses 124 microphones to produce a precise acoustic image
  • Visually displays ultrasonic information, even in loud industrial environments
  • Cannot be used to detect partial discharge from high-voltage electrical systems
  • For use with partial discharge, please see Si124 or Si124-PD

    FLIR Si124-LD-Datasheet